NJ Personal Trainers

At GT, our commitment to individualized fitness means connecting clients with the best trainers in the industry. That’s why our space is home only to those trainers who are proven experts in their field, with the very latest New Jersey certifications and licenses.

Here you’ll find some profiles of trainers and coaches currently utilizing space at North Jersey Fitness Visions. We think you’ll agree, these training gurus are great at what they do!


Owner, Certified Personal Trainer

Dan Schneider has experience teaching adults and children of all ages and ability levels. He is a Certified USPTA Tennis Pro for 10 years! Dan has coached ranked juniors as well as some national ranked players. Over Dan’s span he has have taught dozens of first singles players that have gone on to play college tennis. Some students have played Division 1 tennis! Also he is a former NCAA Division II athlete who is part of the professional tennis staff at The Knoll during the winter. As a junior he was a ranked junior during his young playing career! Dan fosters a love of tennis in his students by teaching proper stroke technique and tennis fundamentals, while maintaining a high-energy, positive environment. Dan earned a B.S. in Sports Management at East Stroudsburg University. If you are interested in speaking with Dan about lessons this summer, he can be reached by phone at 973-534-7161 or by email at dscheids@yahoo.com.

Dan is also starting Tennis fitness programs based on Tennis and fitness level for all ages at North Jersey Fitness Visions.


Sasha is a nationally ranked NPC bikini competitor and NASM certified personal trainer who has been training for over 3 years. She has experience working with a wide range of clients, both beginners and advanced, that each desire completely unique goals but that she makes sure all come down to the same result: a mental as well as a physical transformation. Whether you are looking to build your dream body, overcome injuries or disease, or just get healthier and feel more comfortable in the skin you’re in, Sasha knows how to get you there. And when you make fitness a part of your lifestyle, you stand to gain so much more than physical strength. You have the power to gain confidence, independence, and courage to create your best life.

Coming from a classically trained ballet background I have an excellent technical understan b iy ding of the fundamentals of dance. When I began, I couldn’t get enough. I enrolled in ballet, jazz, modern, tap and hip-hop classes. I danced competitively until my teens where I attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia performing arts high school for dance, of course.



With over 15 years experience, Rob has met and conquered the fitness challenges his clients faced. Specializing in weight management and performance training, Rob pieces together the many facets of exercise, nutrition and wellness to aid you in attaining your goals sooner. Rob’s “Workout College” will not only get you in shape it will make sure you understand why and how you arrived at your fitness goals, providing you with the game plan to effectively approach your fitness endeavors on your own. Absolutely Empowering!



Whether you are just starting your fitness journey, or are ready to advance to the next level, Andrea can take you where you need to go! Andrea has trained a wide variety of clients of different ages, fitness backgrounds and physical limitations. While one-on-one training is her primary focus, she enjoys motivating small groups into getting a heart pumping work out while having fun! Andrea will incorporate a mixture of cardio endurance, core and strength training tools and formats into each workout to give her clients the work their bodies require to see results. Whether you want weight loss, or you seek a firmer body, Andrea will have the right workout for you! Andrea is certified as a master trainer with AAAI/ISSA, Les Mills Body Pump, Group Fitness AAFA, Sports Nutrition AAAI/ISSA as well as

Master Trainer with AAAI/ISSA
Les Mills Body Pump
Group Fitness AAFA
BS Dietetics Montclair State
Sports Nutrition AAAI/ISSA



Deborah has been working out for over 30 years. She is a retired teacher and is now certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer. Being a life long learner, she will constantly challenge you and continually research the latest and most effective exercise techniques. With her ability to motivate, encourage and lend support, she is able to help her clients reach their full potential. Balance, flexibility, strength and technique are the foundations of her workouts.



Coming from a classically trained ballet background I have an excellent technical understan b iy ding of the fundamentals of dance. When I began, I couldn’t get enough. I enrolled in ballet, jazz, modern, tap and hip-hop classes. I danced competitively until my teens where I attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia performing arts high school for dance, of course.



Laura comes from a 10 year cheerleading background and joined the Seton Hall Dance Team her sophomore year of college. Her love of dance pushed her to become a certified Zumba instructor in January 2019! Originally from the Allentown, Pennsylvania area, Laura can’t wait to bring her love for Zumba fitness to Woodland Park!

Russ Teitsma


Currently 42 years old. Over 20 years as a full time personal trainer and nutrition coach. NASM certified CPT and corrective exercise expert.
Owned and operated 7 personal training studios. Has completed over 15,000 personal training sessions and 3,000 hours of nutrition coaching.
Won first place in the NPC 2018 New Jersey State Championships in Men’s Masters Physique. Has a passion for weight training, nutrition and helping others.


Yoga Instructor

Peace & Blessings, My name is Nekyzsa aka YogaKyzsa and I am a transcendent yogi who assists with aligning your mind body and spirit. A session with me will allow you have more mind body awareness, reignite your energy, give you a sense of discipline and find inner peace.

I focus on static stretching, active breathing techniques and positive reinforcement which are 3 major keys in yoga. I have a wide variety of yoga styles ranging from yin yoga to power yoga that is sure to fit any type of person. So open your mind as I invite you all to embody this yogic experience with me!

Nickolas Gatica


Hey there! My name is Nickolas Gatica, allow me to give you there reading some background info on yours truly. First and foremost i am an athlete at heart and have played football, wrestling and soccer. I discovered weightlifting half through high school and managed to get myself from a skinny kid who lacked confidence to a very healthy and well built man with confidence. That being said i enjoy working with athletes and anyone that wants to gain self confidence in their body. I’m also a big advocate of training your mind, i will not only physically train you but also train your mind. Helping people grow and gain confidence in all aspects of their life through their own work is why i train. Come on in and let’s get your self confidence and health to new levels!



Anthony was a standout at 3 sports in high school! He excelled in football and played for too 25 school division 3 in Delaware valley. There he learned his passion for sports and fitness. Now, he is a certified trainer as well as assistant coach for the football program of De Paul Catholic. Anthony will help your football as well as your personal training needs