Designed With You In Mind: North Jersey Fitness Visions

If you’re a business owner, you know what’s important: knowing the services your customer base needs. For properties like condos, apartments, and even corporate buildings, this consideration extends to the lifestyles of potential residents or occupants. Now, more than ever, people are interested in working out!

At North Jersey Fitness Visions, we understand the big role health and wellness can play in people’s lives. With years of experience in the personal training industry, we also know a little something about gyms. Our gym design services can help take your corporate or residential property to the next level.

Unique Perspective

What makes our approach to all things gym design special? George Tsemberlis.

With a degree in Exercise Science and the prestigious NASM certification, George has built a career in the personal training industry. With over 15 years of helping clients meet their goals, he has developed a keen sense of what works in gyms and training facilities and – most importantly—what doesn’t.

For George, a gym or training center is more than place to get fit, it can be a sanctuary – a space for personal connection and growth. Of course, none of this is possible without a gym that fosters a positive atmosphere. Critically, the right way to a positive gym atmosphere is positive gym design.

A Powerful Investment

Our gym design services begin when you contact us. We understand that every property is different – with individualized needs, budgets, and goals. Most of all, our gym projects come with the intention usage. This means that gyms created with our input have the design, materials, and equipment to last.

Working with you directly, when develop a plan of attack. Have residents interested in cycling? You might want to add a room for spinning classes. See residents toting yoga mats? Add a studio for classes! No matter what your specialized needs are, we have the floorplans, designs, and strategies to make it happen.

For you, the commercial property owner, the result of this one-of-a-kind approach is twofold. While a new gym is certainly a draw for new residents or tenants – it can also be the first step toward building community in your complex or building.

Get Started

Sound interesting? Connect with us! We welcome all inquiries about gym design services – no matter what you might have in mind for your property.

North Jersey Fitness Visions is eager to work with you!