Gym Space: The Surprising Benefits of The Fitness Makerspace

The “makerspace” concept has already begun to revolutionize the tech and engineering industries – not to mention everyday D.I.Y projects. And it’s easy to see why. The open atmosphere and budget-friendly access to often-expensive equipment like 3-d printers and machining tools have people clamoring for membership at spaces across the U.S.

But makerspaces aren’t just for making things. In fact, a growing movement has positioned gyms and personal training companies as the next up in the “space” revolution. The concept here is simple: instead of an all-encompassing traditional gym with a monthly fee, fitness spaces feature independent contractors who lease their respective space and equipment.

For a quick rundown on the surprising benefits of these “gym-spaces,” check out this guide from North Jersey Fitness Visions.


Benefit 1: Variety

First things first: a gym-style makerspace has a lot to offer.

Unlike traditional gyms or training studios that likely have a concentrated specialization, these new gym spaces are built on the idea of options.

With open floor plans and a wide array of equipment, gym-spaces can cater to nearly every brand of trainer imaginable. For you, the client, this only means more choices when deciding how you’d like to work out.


Benefit 2: Atmosphere

Growing weary of the stereotypical gym vibe? You aren’t alone.

Free from obnoxious promotions or intrusive marketing schemes, gym spaces are built upon a culture of friendly collaboration. Trainers register to join the space through a process that gets them acclimated with others working alongside them. The result? A truly inviting space.

Imagine, you could work out with a trainer AND receive a good recommendation for body work—in the next room over!


Benefit 3: Flexibility

A gym space certainly gives you options for working out, but the independent structure also means you can design your own workout regimen.

In other words, instead of paying a monthly fee or quarterly rate to a faceless gym, you can communicate directly with the trainer who is helping your respective fitness path.

Need to take week off? Want to broaden your workouts? The variety and atmosphere of a gym space make it possible!


Benefit 4: Budget

Sick of staring at machines and equipment in your current gym that you know you’ll never use? Gym spaces give you an alternative!

One of the best things about gym spaces is their money saving potential. Instead of forking over a hefty chunk of change each month, you can build your own workout routine – and pay for it.

If you only need a personal strength trainer, for example, that’s all you’ll have to pay for. In addition, given the collaborative atmosphere, you’ll have the chance to “preview” various services and the trainers who provide them—first hand!


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