alleviate lower back pain with a personal trainer

Alleviate Lower Back Pain by Working with a Personal Trainer

Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints we hear. Instead of ignoring the problem, work with a personal trainer who can alleviate pain correctly.

As working adults, we are constantly on the go to the next event, meal, and responsibly on our plates. Being nonstop with our schedules is ingrained in our society as a sign of being productive and even successful. However, putting this type of stress on ourselves, especially while engaging in intense physical activity in labor, class, or a sport, can cause pain to come up in parts of our body that we use the most. One of the most common and most irritating places we can experience pain is in the lower back. Instead of ignoring the problem and telling yourself to “push” through it, it’s in your best interest to seek a professional personal trainer who can arm you with the tools to become healthy again and alleviate your lower back pain.

Finding the Source

Choosing to go to a personal trainer over independently using medications, doing strengthening exercises, and even going into reparative surgery is much more effective to treat your lower back pain. They work around the clock to help you find the root of your problem and create a personalized action plan based on your body type, age, and overall lifestyle to overcome it. The first thing a trainer will do is ask about your history of lower back pain, how long you’ve had it, if you have seen a medical professional in the past to inspect it, and how frequent you are experiencing it. From your answers, the trainer then can help diagnose the possible cause of your condition and educate you about why it may have come about. It can stem from a variety of reasons, but ultimately they will help you understand the overall process of how pain is controlled from the brain, the impact of sitting and standing posture, and the effects of not moving around enough throughout the day.

Forming a Plan

As most studies show that staying active can help with quicker recovery, a trainer will help you find enjoyable activities that provide a great workout with the least amount of pain involved. This may be as simple as taking a short walk every morning, doing low impact activities like yoga, or stretching every few hours. With each session, they can effectively customize your workout so that you experience recovery much faster than if you tried to do it alone. They will also make sure you’re doing each exercise properly so you can get the most out of each one everyday.

Road to Recovery

Overall, receiving education on nutrition as well as doing massage and aromatherapy round out the personal trainer approach. Healthy eating and proper hydration are key to making sure you can recover quicker with their prescribed exercises, as the mind and body are thickly interwoven. If you’re struggling with lower back pain, consider visiting a local trainer as soon as possible to get started on your journey to better heath. With experience from their side and effort on your part, paying attention to your exercise, breathing, hydration, and food will bring better results and build a stronger and more disciplined body in the long run!