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Massage Therapy

Take a load off and experience total relaxation with one of our experienced massage therapists. Choose from 1 of multiple types of massage techniques depending on your needs. Choose from 60 or 90 minute single massages or packages of 5.

Why Personal Massage Therapy?

General Massage Therapy or Therapeutic Massage: Therapeutic massage as applied by the therapist at North Jersey Fitness Visions and is about pressure and intention, along with the goals set by an intake form and discussion that occurs with the client prior to the start of the session. Often pressure and intention is varied throughout the session as the therapist evaluates the integrity of the tissue being worked and how it responds. Client input and feedback is always encouraged. Assisted stretches and movement of joints can be applied at any level of massage therapy.

Pressure of 1-2: Relaxation Massage; long, rather light and broad strokes are used to connect the body from one region to another, intention is on superficial tissues. This pressure is most often utilized for a relaxing full body session, also known as a Swedish massage. There is less tissue displacement in this pressure than in any of the others.

Pressure 3-4: Referred to as medium; strong, moderately firm strokes often intended to mobilize restricted soft tissues. Can be applied full body or used locally for specific pain and restricted range of motion issues, or what clients often refer to as knots.

Pressure 4-5: Often referred to as “deep tissue” massage: Usually applied to specific issues and concentrated areas of the body that really feel stuck, and stagnate or the client feels the need to get in deep to meet the pain. The pressure is firm and feels deep, and is also usually applied at a slower pace. Not usually a full body application, but concentrated to specific areas and integrated with other pressure therapies. It has a tendency to leave a little lingering soreness, with the intention of increased mobilization of the tissues.

Sports Massage: Sports therapy is simply applied to athletic clients, according to what their tissues respond to, but does often incorporate stretch and joint movements. It is a great addition to training, or any level of exercise to assist muscle tissue in getting back to a neutral state. Many clients report less soreness and improved range, fewer injuries.North Jersey Fitness Visionss offers pre-workout or pre-competition sessions that warm up the tissue and prepare it for endurance

Hot Stone Massage: This massage is performed using heated basalt stones. The heat from the stones is transferred to the body and warms the tissue to allow ease of muscle movement. This type of massage is fabulous for clients seeking a deeply relaxing massage. It is a perfect way for clients who have difficulties mentally unwinding to ease the mind in turn allowing the therapist to work out areas of muscle tension.

Reflexology: A point of reference in your foot for every organ in the body, sound cool? That is the theory of reflexology. During this session the therapist works the points in the foot to enhance the health of organs in the body. By stimulating these points the therapist may be unblocking meridians, increasing blood flow and helping to restore homeostasis within the entire body.

Neuromuscular and trigger point therapies: Specifically applied to trigger points in the body, or what clients often call knots, which are small, mini, localized muscle spasms. Sometimes the points are tender and highly sensitive which might require a lighter touch. Other times, they best respond to deep sustained pressure and/or friction and kneading. Trigger points classically refer pain to areas that might be further away than one can imagine. Think of classic heart attack symptoms. Hence, it can take time to find the exact area the pain is originating from. Exploration is indicated. It is not unusual for low back pain to come from an active trigger point in the gluteal area, or for a headache to come from a point in the upper shoulder, known as trapezius muscle, or the SCM muscle in the neck, but when the source is found and the therapy applied, the release and pain reduction can be significant.

Medical Massage: Medical Massage is for people who had previous injuries. This technique targets weak areas. For example acl tears, meniscus tears, subluxation of the shoulders bulging and herniated discs. The massage therapist uses certain techniques and manipulations based on their weak points.

Why Hire North Jersey Fitness Visions?

Our mission is to provide our golf fitness clients with a clean, private, non-intimidating sanctuary where they can work under the guidance of a trained professional to achieve their golf conditioning goals.

Customer Testimonials

“I don’t really know where to begin other than North Jersey Fitness Visions embarked on a journey to health and fitness with me at 215 lbs. After having my twins, I was 5’1″ and a size 18. I desperately needed to do something that would help me to not only lose weight but feel healthy and feel good about myself on the inside and out.

North Jersey Fitness Visions empowered me to believe in myself, to go the extra mile when I did not think I could or had the energy to continue on. Their regime for me was ambitious but realistic. They taught me that being consistent with my diet and exercise would ultimately result in reaching my goal.

Now, I am a size 8. I can wear things I never could wear even prior to my pregnancy. I can run distances I did not think were possible. I feel healthier than ever and for the first time in my life I crave the sweat and boost of energy that comes with my workouts. My time at the gym gives me clarity and balance.

I am forever grateful for North Jersey Fitness Visions dedication to helping me get back on track and help me to learn that moms should be happy and healthy and that we deserve to feel good too!”

Dominique M.
Dominique M.

“North Jersey Fitness Visions has been my personal trainer since 2009. I go there twice a week and keep to a consistent schedule, and I always look forward to working out with them! They’ve helped me decrease my body fat and increase my muscle mass — which resulted in me dropping a few dress sizes and being leaner than I ever have before. I feel amazing and I couldn’t be more thrilled with my results! North Jersey Fitness Visions skills are on-point and they always challenge me to do something new and different to increase my strength and overall fitness level. In addition, their fun yet professional demeanor truly makes working out with them a blast. Thank you North Jersey Fitness Visions!”

Lisa V.
Lisa V.26 Years Old

“I would like to tell you about my experience with North Jersey Fitness Visions. In October, 2008 I had Gastric Bypass Surgery. I was loosing weight steadily, but was afraid to plateau and not gain any muscle tone. Since training with North Jersey Fitness Visions for the last 20 weeks I have lost over 35lbs, feel great and am starting to look great too! North Jersey Fitness Visions push me to complete my reps and sets, and I am more then pleased with the results. North Jersey Fitness Visions studio gives their clientele a fun, family-like atmosphere where you can laugh, be yourself and not feel self-conscious about working out. If changing your body & soul is your goal then this is the place you want to be.”

Bobbi M.
Bobbi M.42 Years Old

“North Jersey Fitness Visions have been my trainer for quite some time. I came to them overweight and out of shape from years of eating unhealthy and living a sedentary lifestyle. North Jersey Fitness Visions pointed out ways I can improve my eating habits and get more from my workouts then just burning fat. Over the course of these last 7 months I have lost 40 pounds, boosted my energy levels and built much needed muscle tone. North Jersey Fitness Visions workouts are creative, fun and absent of routine. They are always there to answer my questions on nutrition and exercise.”

Tracy43 Years Old

“I have been training with North Jersey Fitness Visions for close to 3 years now. When I started with them, I had goals that we set together both physically and even mentally, and thru the years, along with their advice on diet and nutrition, I have seen those goals become a reality. At 36 years old, I am at my leanest and best weight and have the most definition that I’ve seen in my 12 years of hitting the gym. In fact, I have never had so many positive compliments about my body from my friends, clients and family; it’s such a boost of confidence! North Jersey Fitness Visions has been a wonderful motivator and continues to drive my desire to further my progress thru their enthusiasm and dedication.. North Jersey Fitness Visions also train my 49 year old sister as well as my 76 year old father which demonstrates their capacity to differentiate their workouts to meet the specific needs of both younger and older, as well as male and female clients. North Jersey Fitness Visions is simply awesome. They’re a great listeners, a patient teachers and devoted trainers. I would recommend them for anyone!”

Anthony L.
Anthony L.37 Years Old

“After being away from the gym for almost 2 years due to back injury, training with North Jersey Fitness Visions was just what I needed to get back in shape. Within 5 months I’ve lost 30 pounds and I’m almost at my goal weight. Most importantly North Jersey Fitness Visions helped me ensure workouts didn’t re-injure my back while strengthening my body overall.”

Mike N.
Mike N.40 Years Old

“North Jersey Fitness Visions have been my health coaches for many years. A move from Colorado meant a change in my fitness routine so I started working with North Jersey Fitness Visions and never looked back. Not only do they provide intense cardio and weight training, they incorporate core and balance work which I desperately need. I really enjoy how North Jersey Fitness Visions integrates several different muscle groups into a single set. And each session feels choreographed to maximize effectiveness. They stay on top of the latest training tools and methodologies and changes the workout every session to keep it fresh, challenging and fun. North Jersey Fitness Visions ensures I am using proper form without being “preachy” and know instinctively when to push me while staying aware of my past injuries. Friends have noticed the change in my appearance and asked me to share some of the unique workout ideas North Jersey Fitness Visions has shown me. Most importantly, the people at North Jersey Fitness Visions are encouraging, supportive and bring a great sense of humor to our sessions. I recommend North Jersey Fitness Visions full heartedly to anyone wanting to take that next step in his or her physical health. No matter what your goals are, North Jersey Fitness Visions will help you reach them…and more!”

Claire S.
Claire S.54 Years Old

“North Jersey Fitness Visions is fantastic! I decided to start working out with a trainer because I had lost my motivation to work out on my own at home, and when I did work out I felt my sessions were not very effective. My primary goal is strength training and muscle tone. Working out with North Jersey Fitness Visions has made a huge difference! I’m thrilled with the results.. I also experienced an unexpected benefit. I have minor arthritis in my neck, enough to cause some pain and loss of mobility every day. By building upper body strength, I no longer have any arthritis symptoms. The pain is completely gone and I have complete mobility.
North Jersey Fitness Visions workouts are not only effective, they’re fun, too! They vary the routine every day, combine strength training with core strength and balance exercises, and keep my heart rate up through the workout. They pay very close attention to how I am doing in each workout and know when they can challenge me to do more than I think I can without overdoing it, or when to pull back if I start to struggle on a bad day. And they are so nice it’s a pleasure to spend the time with them. The hour session flies by quickly and I find I can’t wait till the next one.
I am so glad I found North Jersey Fitness Visions! *

Maryann K.
Maryann K.53 Years Old

“I’ve been training at North Jersey Fitness Visions for just a few months and since then I have lost almost 20 pounds! I’m not where I want to be yet but I know that I will get there with the help and guidance at the fitness facility. Not only do they have great trainers, but the motivation that they give me is what keeps me going. My strength and confidence has gone up and I have their staff to thank! Not only do they offer one on one training but they also have group classes that are fun and really challenge you. North Jersey Fitness Visions is phenomenal at what they do because they have a passion for it ! I can’t wait to see my final outcome!”

Jazmin27 Years Old