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If you live in Fairfield, North Caldwell, Franklin Lakes, Essex Fells, West Orange, or Montclair NJ, you’re just minutes from North Jersey Fitness Visions and its personal trainers who are among the very best in New Jersey. We’ll work with you to build a personal training program that works with your busy schedule and will help you meet your fitness goals while keeping you motivated and safe. If you’re looking for group training and classes for even more motivation or to just workout with friends and family, check out our schedule.

Why do I need a personal trainer?

In the early stages of building fitness routines that work for you, it’s necessary for one’s safety they are not overworking themselves or are not doing an exercise incorrectly which would cause injury and delay their results. In later stages, a trainer can provide motivation and help you change your routines to prevent plateauing.

Why North Jersey Fitness Visions?

Our mission is to provide our clients with a clean, private, non-intimidating sanctuary where they can work under the guidance of a trained professional to achieve their fitness goals.

If you are going to do something, go all in. Make sure you know you can tell yourself, you gave your best effort.

– Dan Carus



North Jersey Fitness Visions is fantastic! I decided to start working out with a trainer because I had lost my motivation to work out on my own at home, and when I did work out I felt my sessions were not very effective. My primary goal is strength training and muscle tone. Working out with North Jersey Fitness Visions has made a huge difference! I’m thrilled with the results.. I also experienced an unexpected benefit. I have minor arthritis in my neck, enough to cause some pain and loss of mobility every day. By building upper body strength, I no longer have any arthritis symptoms. The pain is completely gone and I have complete mobility.

– Maryann K, age 53

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This group fitness option consists of 3-5 people per 50min session and uses a variety of training methods to help sculpt, tone, and build your body to look and feel your best.


These 1 on 1 customized programs are designed to ensure exercises are done effectively and safely for the purpose of reaching personal health and fitness goals.


These 1 on 1 sessions are perfect for individuals who currently play or want to play a sport.


With our Buddy Package, two people receive individualized programs depending on their fitness levels with one of our finest personal trainers at 1/2 the cost.


Bridal HIIT

Get in “I do” shape so you can lose weight for your special day! Think about creating your own class with your bridal party, family and/or friends!

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