5 Reasons Why Couples Who Sweat Together, Stay Together

Everyone wants to know the secret to having an amazing body and a relationship to match. You’ve seen those couples; ones who look so deeply in love that they could’ve walked straight out of a Nicholas Sparks movie. How do they do it? Believe it or not, one of the secrets to that incredibly strong bond could be from coming from taking time to exercise with one another. It’s time you considered how physical fitness can benefit not only your own health and well-being, but that your romantic relationship. Why not grab your partner’s hand and invite him or her to be your workout partner as well? A growing body of evidence suggests that couples who sweat together really do stay together.


Here are 5 reasons why working out together can help couples stay together:


1. Better Quality Time
As our jobs, errands, and priorities with friends can constantly jumble our day to day schedule, finding time alone with a partner can be difficult. However, having those moments with your special someone while not having to deal with distractions is one of the most important ways to keep it strong. If you’re an active person, you probably already have a set time during the day where you grind in the gym or outside. Inviting your partner along with you can create that time you crave and relieve any stress and increase the endorphins you release together.


2. Higher Accountability
When you’re working out by yourself, it’s pretty easy to slack off and shave the extra last minutes of your routine away if you’re feeling lazy. Having your partner by your side will help you become more successful in putting more effort in, stay motivated, and above all- grow to be more fit from pushing yourself. Studies have found that over 90% of couples persevered through their workout plan when they did it together than by themselves. Encourage each other to do well and you’ll feel the positive vibes radiate from your workout session to your relationship.


3. Hearty Competition
Feel like you need a little extra spice in your relationship? Bringing back your playful side by competing with one another during a workout can do the trick. Many times when we’re with someone for awhile, the shininess of getting to know new things about them can fade. Challenging each other to see who can sprint the longest, do the most push ups, or hold the longest plank will keep your workout entertaining and also help keep your relationship goals consistent.


4. A Better Bond
The more you do together and share new experiences, the stronger your emotional bond will be. According to the studies of psychology, we can encourage that positive feeling by “matching” each other’s actions while we’re together like walking at the same pace, stretching at the same time, standing in the same stance, and so on. By exercising together, whether through a run in the park, competitive sports game, yoga class, or kayaking at a lake, you’ll have countless chances to practice that type of mimicry and feel closer to each other as time goes on.


5. A Rare Argument
It’s no mystery that exercising frequently can help you get rid of any inner anxiety, stress, and frustrations built up from your environment. Working out with your partner by throwing some punches at a bag rather than each other (emotionally!), helps you strip away those negative emotions and perhaps any resentment from each other in a healthy way. As a result, while you’re building up your strength and flexibility you’ll help prevent any touchy arguments afterwards.


Just Do It! What’s there to lose? Next time you head out for your workout, don’t hesitate to ask your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse to come along with you for some fun. Not only will you be sharing new enriching experiences together, but you’ll be motivating each other to become fit and body positive in the long run. If anyone wants a happily ever after, being well connected and growing more strong than ever is a story we’d like to sign up for.

The Benefits Of H.I.I.T.

Whatever your fitness goals may be –to build muscles mass, shed pounds, go down a few dress sizes– it is crucial not only to train hard, but also to use your effort and time efficiently.

And when it comes to training efficiency, very few exercise protocols can match high intensity interval training or H.I.I.T.

What’s HIIT?

HIIT is a training protocol wherein high intensity activities are alternated with rest periods or low to moderate intensity activities.

What are the benefits of HIIT?


A busy schedule is one of the most common excuses people give for skipping a workout. With HIIT, you can do more in a short time. As compared to running outdoors or on a treadmill for an hour, applying the HIIT principle in your running routine will enable you to burn more calories. Studies also show that just two weeks of doing HIIT can enable a person to achieve a high level of aerobic capacity as compared to another person using a different training protocol for eight weeks.

Burn fat while resting

Another reason why HIIT is an efficient workout protocol is the fact that it jumpstarts the body’s repair mode in a more effective way. With HIIT, you are melting fat away during and AFTER your workouts.

One reason behind this is that HIIT facilitates the production and release of the human growth hormone or HGH. HGH plays a crucial role in burning calories and in slowing the aging process.

Equipment is optional

The beauty of HIIT is that you can apply it to various types of workouts or training for sports. It is not unusual for runners and cyclists to use HIIT principles in their training routines. However, HIIT can also be used even without using exercise equipment. This means that you can use these workouts wherever you are.

Gain muscles while losing fat

When you are preparing yourself for the summer season, you might find it difficult to build muscle mass while getting rid of fat. In fact, both dieting and steady state cardio can result in a substantial amount of muscle mass loss. With HIIT, you get the best of both worlds: an increase in muscle mass as well as fat loss.

Constant challenge

Another hurdle people who work out must overcome is boredom. No matter how effective a workout is, that effectiveness means nothing if you cannot make yourself do it. With HIIT, you are constantly pushing yourself, giving your best efforts. This is not a workout that you can take lightly.